Monday, August 16, 2010


Found this old Polaroid shot from 1979. My hair is down in my eyes and I've got a polyester scarf hanging from my neck. What could be worse? Maybe the background.

Used to be I'd find such a photo and I'd cringe. But what if I looked like a refugee from Yugoslavia. Like looking at a wall that's been scorched by fire, you think, "well, I survived that, too."

So I'm older and messier in some ways. But not nearly the kind of mess that I was back then.


  1. Props on the mini-wooden pool deck. That's so gangsta.

  2. Doug,

    I don't see anything embarrassing about the photo. Even the doughboy pool has this sort of retro thing going for it.

  3. You were not a mess. You were kind, compassionate and adorable. I just bought your Chronic book and I look forward to reading it. XOXO Debby Plumlee Larsen