Friday, April 2, 2010

Announcing Lo-Ball's Premiere Issue!

No Frills. That's the Lo-Ball motto. Actually, the Lo-Ball motto is Our Reputation Rests in Your Mouth. But that's kind of the same...

T.J. DiFrancesco and I are happy to announce that the first issue of Lo-Ball is out, and available at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, plus other select locations. Or you can buy it on the world wide web at Lo-Ball. The cost per issue is $4.99. That's right. Cheaper than most of the high-brow print journals, but with twice the quality.

Contributors for issue one: Alex Lemon, John Casteen, Camille T. Dungy, Ryan Call, Erin Belieu, Paisley Rekdal, Ely Shipley, Kristin Hatch, Benjamin Paloff, David Trinidad, Katie Ford, Rachel Zucker, Ryan Courtwright, John Beer, Stephen Elliot, J. Peter Moore, CJ Evans, Luke Sykora, Kristen Tracy, Peter Covino, Ash Bowen, Rachel Loden, Derek Mong, Randall Mann, Timothy O'Keefe and Ilya Kaminsky's translation of a poem by Alexander Blok.

Stop by our table at AWP. Actually, we don't have our own table. We're mooching space from Parthenon West. We're plenty proud of the fact that we're as cheap as we are. Every dime we get goes directly into printing. And stuff. So if our website looks extremely low-budget: it is.

We're producing a very limited run of each issue, so if you want to be guaranteed a copy of issue 2, pony up and subscribe. Issue 1 is nearly gone, so act fast. Free Preview:

Ryan Courtwright

Nutbush City Limits

And there you are in the middle of shirtless

water tossing you back and forth on its pecs;

bobbing in a canary raft that's split up the side and

you're rescuscitating it through the nipple—another

modest disaster on the street or in the market

eyes launch you like boys hopping a freight train to anywhere without

the wet hay, anywhere without viscious small town gossip; dawn

and I'm a-sweat at the thought of tracing the tracks down your spine,

reaming around your thighs, careening through your shoulder blades,

steaming across your abdomen—clunky bodysleep, we are habit;

there is no squirmy patch and the first time is religiously free,

listen for the switch in the night

and come away with me, you can work the broken toothed brake and
I'll cover myself with soot,    shoveling coal.    building speed.


  1. Awesomenessly delicious looking (I made that first word up just for this article).

    Wow, the price is dirt cheap too...which either means everyone involved is already stinking rich or you guys got an F in economics.

    Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  2. We'll make all our money back in merchandising. Next summer, everybody whose anybody will be drinking their Campari out of a Lo-Ball highball.

  3. Still haven't ordered mine yet, but I will within the week for sure. During a recent hospital stay, I found myself reading Chronic for the fifth time, and it is one of those rare books that stay fresh and alive in your mind no matter how many times you finish it. I have to pretend like it's not poetry, because it would intimidate me from finishing my manuscript. You didn't raise the bar, you knocked it out the cruel poet.